After a rousing start in 2014, Schoolympics is now in its fourth edition.

Over the last 4 years, Schoolympics has become an integral part of the Sporting Calendar of the City of Pune.

To build on its success last year, the Schoolympics, true to its objective of reaching out to more schoolchildren, has extended its reach this year.

In 2018, Schoolympics is scheduled for Pune and Kolhapur Districts with an expected total participation of more than 600 schools with around 45000 entries of participating students across 7 team sports and 15 individual sports in both the districts.

With a view to better align the children with the sports routines, there will be three categories for the individual sports routines; the first one for children between '10-12' years, the second one for children between '12-14' years and the last one, for children between '14-16' years. The team sport routines will have a solitary age group of 'Under 16' for all routines.

With 7 team sports and 15 Individual sports this year, there will be as many as 2291 medals to be won in Pune & Kolhapur.

In team sports a gold medal would be carrying 15 points along with it, a silver medal with 9 points and a bronze medal with 3 points, while in individual sporting events it would be 5 points for a gold, 3 points for a silver and bronze medal assuring 1 point in the medal points tally.

Therefore, along with the medals, the points tally will be extremely important and will be the decisive factor for the schools winning Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies respectively.

There will also be cash prizes to go along with the trophies. The Schoolympics panel will hand over the title of 'Champion' to the boy and girl respectively, who will bag maximum gold medals in the entire event.

Along with the event, the objective of Schoolympics has been to ensure that education and sports go hand-in-hand. We have been able to demonstrate this with the last year's edition in Pune. We believe that Schoolympics is a true enabler for Sport, to round up and balance education; for the school children.